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Types of Vinegar

We offer natural vinegar varieties produced by fermentation of fresh fruits from different regions of Turkey.

All of our vinegars are obtained by completely natural methods and by keeping them waiting for a long time. You can use these vinegar types, which do not contain sugar, sweeteners and chemicals, in your kitchen with peace of mind. You can add flavor to your meals and salads with our varieties such as Apple Vinegar, Pomegranate Vinegar, Grape Vinegar, Hawthorn Vinegar, Rose Vinegar and Fig Vinegar, and you can choose natural vinegar for a healthy diet. Bring the taste of nature to your tables with Hacı Kamil Vinegar Varieties.

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Our journey, which began with the entrepreneurship of our grandfather Hacı Kamil Karasu, aims to bring together our food products in production and supply with both domestic and international business partners, while adapting to the current consumption conditions of today.


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