We Present Turkish Naturalness to the World

Hacı Kamil 1936

We are proud of being a preferred brand around the world with our products that combine naturalness and taste.

International Service

As Hacı Kamil, we are proud to serve our customers around the world. Below you can find detailed information about our business processes.

Countries we export to

We operate in a wide geography. Our products are used in many countries around the world. Countries we export to:

- United States of America
- Germany
- Holland
- France
- England
- Belgium
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Canada
- Hong Kong

Product Labeling

We label each of our products in accordance with the local language and criteria of each country. In this way, our customers better understand and use our products.

Ministry of Agriculture Controls and Health Certificates

Prior to export, inspectors sent by the Ministry of Agriculture verify the quality and safety of all our products. The export process starts after the necessary health certificates are given to us.

Logistics and Tracking

After our products are received from our warehouse and customs clearance is completed, they enter the international logistics process. Together with the logistics company we work with, we carefully monitor the delivery of the products to the buyer in a healthy way and every stage of this process.

hacı kamil sertifika

As Hacı Kamil, we guarantee superior quality and customer satisfaction at every stage. We work diligently to ensure that our products reach customers around the world. You can count on us in this process.

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About Us

Our journey, which began with the entrepreneurship of our grandfather Hacı Kamil Karasu, aims to bring together our food products in production and supply with both domestic and international business partners, while adapting to the current consumption conditions of today.


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