Halva Product Details


It is produced by the combination of tahini and flour drawn from natural sesame seeds. It is 100% natural product.



  1. Plain Halva
  2. Halva with Pistachio
  3. Summer Halva with Walnuts


500 gr. 20 pieces 2 years




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  • What is main product groups?keyboard_arrow_down
    Dessert product group,
    Frozen food product group,
    Handmade food product group,
    Dried fruit product group.
  • How to transport frozen products?keyboard_arrow_down
    Our frozen products are transported in their own styrofoam containers with dry ice reinforcement without disturbing the cold chain.
  • What are our target sales points?keyboard_arrow_down
    Domestic food wholesalers, chain markets, delicatessens and overseas food wholesalers.
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