Dried Fig
Dried Fig Product Details


Natural figs collected and processed during the season from the region.



  1. Protoben Figs
  2. Pulled Figs
  3. Lerida Figs
  4. Garland Figs
  5. Bulk Figs
  6. Premium Figsr


Protoben 500 gr. 20 pieces 2 years
Pulled 500 gr. 20 pieces 2 years
Lerida 500 gr. 20 pieces 2 years
Garland 250 gr. 50 pieces 2 years
Dökme 5 kg. - 10 kg. 1 pieces 2 years
Premium 500 gr. 20 pieces 2 years




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Frequently Asked Questions;
  • What is main product groups?keyboard_arrow_down
    Dessert product group,
    Frozen food product group,
    Handmade food product group,
    Dried fruit product group.
  • How to transport frozen products?keyboard_arrow_down
    Our frozen products are transported in their own styrofoam containers with dry ice reinforcement without disturbing the cold chain.
  • What are our target sales points?keyboard_arrow_down
    Domestic food wholesalers, chain markets, delicatessens and overseas food wholesalers.
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