These confidentiality principles were prepared by Hacı Kamil 1936 Tire Köfte ve Gıda Ürünleri for the determination of's privacy responsibilities. The following articles contain the rules of the collection and distribution of information on the website.

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In the registration form of the customer database of our site, our users should provide all the required information such as contact information (name, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc.). We use the contact information we receive on this form in the domain name information for our users' transactions, in case of emergency and in the delivery of your invoice.

Our users can delete their records from our system depending on their wishes. The financial information received will be used to collect the cost of the products and services purchased and other necessary situations. Personal information will be used to log in to our users and, where necessary, to authenticate the person. Statistical and profile information is also collected on our website. This information can be used in all desired situations. This information will be used in monitoring visitor movements and providing personalized content.

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Confidentiality Agreement


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, before or after the date of signature of this Agreement, for the purpose of implementing the contract, each Party itself or on behalf of the relevant Party 's employees by the other Party and / or other Party' s employees, in writing and / or verbally and / or has been disclosed on the Internet and / or in a soft environment and / or the other Party has been acquired by the employees of the other Party; relevant Party's customer information, shopping information, sales information, service information, product information, payment information, account information, bank information, financial models, simulations, personnel information, operation and service information, pricing information, operating methods, ideas, inventions , know-how, brands, logos, patents, software, source codes, intellectual and industrial property rights, design rights, trade secrets, technical processes, formulas, plans, designs, licenses and permits, drawings, models, projections, business plans , market opportunities, all information that the Parties disclose to each other and / or acquired by one Party about the other Party, including reports or data prepared by the Party or a third party on its behalf, correspondence, negotiations or meetings between the Parties and oral exchange ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED; All service analyzes, compilations, studies, proposals and other documents prepared by both parties; All trade agreements or agreements concluded between the parties, agreements involving the exchange of confidential information; and any information and / or document including, but not limited to, those listed.

Following the conclusion of this agreement, the parties unconditionally accept that they declare and disclose all necessary confidential information to each other with their free will and acceptance.

Both sides;

Each Party shall keep all information strictly private and confidential, not to use it for any reason, not to use or use it directly or indirectly for any reason, or for any real and / or legal persons and organizations, for any reason whatsoever. Not to disclose, report, publish or disclose Confidential Information to any 3rd real and / or legal person, firm, agency or institution, to take all necessary measures in this respect, not to copy or reproduce any part of Confidential Information or otherwise. .Not to give / give to the real and / or legal persons and organizations the original / reproduced form, 3. Not to disclose the partially or completely to the real and / or legal persons and organizations, the confidentiality of confidential information and the necessity of keeping the confidential information confidential. Notify employees and managers and that they are directly responsible for this confidentiality agreement, and warn them of this matter. UNDERSTANDING OF PERSONAL DATA, they shall be fully and fully bound by and abide by all matters and responsibilities specified in the Personal Data Protection Law.

The Company agrees and undertakes to show the same care in protecting the confidential information of the Customer in protecting the confidential information of the Customer. The company also warns its employees and sub-employees about the confidentiality of information.


Law on Protection of Personal Data

1.The purpose and limitation of the instructions

Under the contract, the parties may be in the position of ’’ data officer ’‘ or leyen ’data processor bağlı bağlı depending on the processes. In the event that one party processes Personal Data on behalf of the other party, the party concerned shall be deemed to be ’iş processing data kapsamında within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 (’ the ’Law’ ’). In this case, said party is solely responsible for processing the Personal Data in accordance with the instructions of the other party and may not perform any data processing activities outside the instructions and / or on its behalf.

The data processor and the party that processes the data and / or transfers the Personal Data to a third party undertakes that the necessary clear and informed consent is obtained from the relevant data owners and that the relevant data owners are provided with the necessary information under Article 10 of the Law.

Personal Data may be processed by the party to whom the data is transferred exclusively for the purpose of transferring the data to it. Any processing of the Personal Data beyond the scope is subject to the written consent of the party transferring the data.

In case of the use of third party services in the storage and processing of Personal Data and the transfer of Personal Data to domestic or abroad, necessary agreements shall be concluded with the purpose of ensuring compliance with the relevant third parties Law and other legislation in accordance with the approval of the transferring Party.

Personal Data transmitted during the contract period shall be deleted or destroyed in accordance with the applicable legislation upon termination of the service relationship between the parties, unless a separate legal / contractual relationship is established with the relevant data holder. If each party has a legal obligation to keep Personal Data, the party responsible for storing the Personal Data may retain the Personal Data for a limited period of time and purpose as required by the applicable legislation.

2.Data security

The parties are obliged to take the measures stipulated in the legislation in order to prevent unauthorized access to, processing and use of the Personal Data by both its personnel and third parties for the purpose of transferring the Personal Data to them. Within this framework, each party declares, accepts and undertakes that it will fully and completely fulfill all the obligations stipulated by the Law, the relevant legislation and the Personal Data Protection Board, and will be liable for all damages that may otherwise occur.

Any disputes that may arise in this matter shall be resolved by negotiation between the parties; if this is not possible, Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized exclusively. This annex is subject to Turkish law.

Responsible for the secure transfer of Personal Data to a third party in accordance with Article 1.1 of this Agreement.

3. Implementation of legislative changes

In the event that a change in the processes of the parties regarding the processing of Personal Data is required due to any changes or updates that may occur under the aforementioned regulations, the party concerned shall be obliged to complete the change at the latest before the relevant new / updated regulation enters into force.

In case the amendments to the relevant legislation require the amendment of this Agreement, the parties agree, declare and undertake that they make reasonable efforts to make such changes as soon as possible. However, even if no action has been taken by the parties in this regard within the maximum period of time required by the relevant legislation, the amendment to which the amendment should be amended will be applied in accordance with the new / current legislation as of the effective date of the new / current legislation.

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