We aim to produce natural rather than producing too much.

We developed the restaurant adventure that started in the 1930s by considering today's consumption needs, and presented all of our handcrafted natural and delicious products to the taste of our customers wherever you are in the world.


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"Carefully selected natural, unadulterated products"

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Bitter Orange Jam
Carrot Jam
Black Mulberry Jam
Apricot Jam
Cherry Jam
Quince jam
Strawberry Jam
Lemon Jam
Milk Jam
Orange Peel Jam
Peach Jam
Pomegranate Jam
Tangerine Jam
Tomato Jam
Turkish Butternut Squash Dessert
Turkish Quince Dessert
Candied Chestnut
Malatya Platter
Turkish Floss Halva
Rose Turkish Delight
Black Mulberry Turkish Delight
Hacı Kamil Katalog


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