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We offer our natural and delicious products, crafted with traditional handcraftsmanship, to our customers worldwide, while also adapting them to meet today's consumption needs.

Delicious Products

We prioritize taste in all of our products.

%100 Natural

We prioritize your health by bringing organic farming to you.

Affordable Prices

We offer quality products that we have been providing for many years at affordable prices.

Years of Experience

We have been serving for years as an expert and experienced team.

From Nature to the Table

You can find a wide variety of natural delicacies at Hacı Kamil, from homemade products to jams, spreads from molasses to noodles, from olives to vinegar.
Homemade Products
Homemade Products

Discover homemade flavors! Enhance your dining experience with a variety of natural product options such as Pepper Paste, Tomato Paste, Black Mulberry Extract, Carob Extract, and many more.

Jams and Marmalades
Jams and Marmalades

Special options for sweet lovers! Delight your sweet moments with a variety of jams and marmalades such as Cherry Jam, Peach Jam, Apricot Jam, and Walnut Fig Jam.

Varieties of Spreads

Varieties of Spreads

Add flavor to your snacks with natural spread varieties! Experience an energizing journey with options such as Walnut Spread, Almond Spread, and Giresun Hazelnut Spread.

Varieties of Molasses
Varieties of Molasses

A category consisting of natural and nutritious molasses! Prepare healthy snacks with options like Sugar Beet Molasses, Carob Molasses, Date Molasses, and more.

Varieties of Noodles
Varieties of Noodles

Special options for pasta lovers! Explore different flavors such as Plain Noodles, Spinach Noodles, Tomato Noodles, and create unique pasta recipes.

Varieties of Olives
Varieties of Olives

Special options for olive enthusiasts! Enhance your table with varieties such as Akhisar Green Olives, Gemlik Black Olives, and more.

Varieties of Vinegar
Varieties of Vinegar

Healthy and natural varieties of vinegar! Add flavor to your meals and support a healthy diet with options such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate Vinegar, Grape Vinegar, and more.

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Customer Reviews

We had ordered dried vegetables from you for winter consumption. They were carefully packaged, and none of the dried vegetables were damaged. We thank you so much for producing these delicious and natural products for us.

Efe Yılmaz

I ordered Hacı Kamil's organic molasses, and they were incredibly delicious. I was delighted to find that they had no additives in their ingredients. Thank you for providing natural and healthy products.

Yasin Demir

I ordered "Ege Köfte" (Aegean Meatballs) for my customers, and they were delivered through cold chain shipping. All I had to do was open the package, heat them up, and serve them to my customers. Both my customers and I were extremely satisfied. Thank you for the unique taste and your attention to detail.

Aylin Tunç

I have been choosing Hacı Kamil branded dessert products for my store for years, and my customers who purchase them have nothing but praise. Your products are not only natural but also incredibly delicious. Kudos to you for creating such high-quality and tasty treats.

Cüneyt Sert

I tried Hacı Kamil's olives for the first time, and their taste is still lingering on my palate. They are truly high-quality and fresh olives. I want to thank you for bringing these natural flavors to us.

Seda Karataş

I tried Hacı Kamil's homemade pepper paste, and it was truly amazing. The natural aroma of red peppers and the flavor it left on the palate were absolutely unique. I wanted to express my thanks to Hacı Kamil for providing us with such high-quality products.

Murat Akgün

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Our journey, which began with the entrepreneurship of our grandfather Hacı Kamil Karasu, aims to bring together our food products in production and supply with both domestic and international business partners, while adapting to the current consumption conditions of today.


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